Eight TOWNies: me, BarbaraC, CarolC, GailP-C, Jacque, JanetFB, NicoleF & EmmaC  rode our bikes this morning.  For some this was a new location to ride.  Everyone found the park, and unloaded their bikes.

We started on the trail a few minutes past 8:30.  Thanks to the recent rain there was water in the creek, and everything was green.  We made good time, and the miles wheezed by.  Carol stopped traffic so a snake could cross, and Gail and Janet were going so fast they sped past the 5 mile marker.  When they saw the next marker they realized they had pasted it.  Barbara saw a rabbit along the way.  Everyone made it back to the parking lot a little past 10.  We got the bikes all loaded back up.  Janet shared some yellow meat water melon.

Happy and safe 4th everyone.  Janice