Document contains:

1. Financial Guidelines for Town-Austin Outings

2. Guidelines for the Use of TOWN-Austin Tax FREE ID Number

3. TOWN Austin Alcohol Policy

1.  Financial Guidelines for TOWN-Austin Outings

TOWN-Austin is a non-profit organization. Our outings are free or have a minimal fee. By keeping our outings free or low cost, all our members have the opportunity to experience our outdoor activities.

Please keep in mind that our organization strives to encourage outing leaders to create fun and well-organized events. Our organization will assist with expenses when it is appropriate.

For outings costing over $20, the outing leader will please submit outing details to the Board for approval before publicizing the outing. Outing leaders who pay for outing supplies, equipment, etc. out of their personal funds should submit receipts to the Treasurer for reimbursement. Alternately, outing leaders should not organize an outing for which they will make a profit.

The issue of any outing leader making a profit is addressed in the TOWN-Austin By-Laws, Article II, Section II. No part of TOWN funds shall inure (profit or benefit from) to the benefit of any individual member .

Since TOWN-Austin is a small non-profit, we have legal as well as financial responsibilities to our membership. If you have questions regarding these guidelines or other TOWN-Austin policies, please contact a Board member. We are here to assist outing leaders as needed.

These guidelines are an effort to create a consistent policy that is fair to all members.

The guidelines address the following:

•  Outings for which TOWN-Austin members are responsible for fees.

•  Outings for which TOWN-Austin organization is responsible for fees.

•  Instructional or class outings – TOWN-Austin members pay their own fees.

•  Outing costs that are reimbursable to the outing leader.

•  Presentation of gifts to an individual associated with an outing.

Details follow.

A. Below are guidelines for activities when TOWN-Austin members are responsible for their own fees. Outing leaders are responsible for detailing fees exactly in the outing description. Contact a Board member regarding questions.

•  Examples (but not limited to): camping fees; meals; hotel overnight stays; park entrance fees; movies; activities at private locations.

•  In order to secure a discount, some outings require the outing leader to collect individual fees before the outing begins. The outing leader will make these details clear in the outing description.

•  If an outing leader does collect fees in advance which lead to a discount (or free offering), then all participants will benefit from the discount.

•  Some private locations may require the outing leader to collect the fee and then pay for the entire group. These details will be clear in the outing description.

•  The Board realizes this might be cumbersome. For help on the best way to handle this, call the Outings Coordinator, Treasurer or any Board member.

B. Below are guidelines for outings when the TOWN-Austin organization will pay for outing fees. Outings such as these must be approved by the Board. For approval, submit the outing details in writing (email) to a Board member.

•  Examples (but not limited to): Thank-You for TOWN-Austin members; Thank-You for outing leaders; and reservation of building for a TOWN-Austin sponsored outing.

•  Leftover supplies from such outings belong to TOWN-Austin and used for future outings.

C. Below are guidelines for instructional (class) outings that require a participation fee. Such outings must be approved by the Board. Submit the details to a Board member in writing (email).

•  A TOWN-Austin member will not profit from leading an outing.

•  A TOWN-Austin member who provides instruction for members will not profit.

•  Participation fees usually pay for a skilled instructor who is not a TOWN-Austin member. Reason for fee should be detailed in outing description. If a participant has a question regarding the fee, please contact our Treasurer.

•  Non reimbursable costs for the outing leaders are (but not limited to): gasoline, mileage, personal time, meals, and vehicle maintenance.

•  Because of time or location constraints, the fees may need to be paid directly to the business or instructor.  Arrangements are to be made through the Treasure r.

•  An accounting for fees and expenses will be submitted to the Treasurer including receipts. Arrangements for payment to the instructor will be made through the Treasurer.

D. In some instances, outing expenses are reimbursable.

•  Examples are (but not limited to) copy fees, door prizes, supplies to conduct the outing.

•  Reimbursement requires that receipts (or copies of receipts) be supplied to the Treasurer.

•  Before announcing such an outing, the details must be provided to the Board in writing (email).

E. Presentation of gifts to an individual or group associated with an outing.

•  The Board is responsible for such decisions.

•  As an outing leader, if you feel a gift is appropriate, contact the Board in writing (email) describing the outing, the suggested gift, and who should receive it. If the Board is in agreement, the Treasurer will provide funds and gift will be presented on behalf of the entire TOWN-Austin membership.

The TOWN Board is here to help in any way we can to make outings run smoothly. We are so appreciative of our members who lead club outings. That’s what we are all about!

2. Guidelines for the Use of TOWN-Austin Tax FREE ID Number

  • TOWN-Austin is a non-profit organization. As a non-profit group, we have a tax ID number which allows us to make purchases without paying sales tax.
  • That number is for use by authorized TOWN-Austin members only.
  • The tax ID number can be used only for purchases authorized by the Board.
  • Examples of such purchases are (but not limited to) food, printing costs, office supplies, and equipment for approved activities.
  • Please contact the TOWN-Austin Treasurer if you have questions.

3. TOWN Austin Alcohol Policy

TOWN-Austin outings are held in a variety of locations including: city, county, state, and national parks. Participating TOWN members are encouraged to follow the alcohol policy as set forth by the particular location.

Department of Texas Parks and Wildlife

It is an offense to consume or display an open container of an alcoholic beverage in a public place or sell alcoholic beverages within a state park. See

Travis County Parks

Public Consumption – Public display of the consumption of alcoholic beverages is prohibited. Sale of alcoholic beverages is prohibited in any park. Intoxicated persons will not be allowed in the parks. Visitors who become intoxicated will be removed from the parks.

City of Austin Parks

The possession, sale and/or consumption of alcoholic beverages is prohibited in swimming pool enclosures, recreation centers and adjacent grounds, athletic field playing boundaries, school parks, wildlife preserves, and other areas designated by the Director.