What a super turn out for our Saturday hike at the Travis County Reimers Ranch Park. Fourteen (yes, that’s right) of us gathered to hike, relax, talk, and eat lunch. JacqueA (and Sheba Diva), JaniceB, JenLaG, JennyF, JoanB, KimW, LisaS (with Junko), MarshaK, NicoleF (with daughter Emma), SallyN, SandyS, SusieA, and TaskinaM.

We met at the ranch at 9 am. First thing we all did was check out the status of the restrooms, and we found them to be more than acceptable. With SallieN as our leader, we hiked the hike-and-bike trail, enjoying views of the Pedernales River from the scenic overlooks. Lots of talking went on as we hiked and identified flowers and bushes. We continued by walking the multi-use trail to our picnic area.

Each of us brought our lunch, and Lisa, Joan, and Junko provided watermelon. More visiting went on. One thing about our membership: we are truly interested in keeping up with what’s going on with each other.  And I really like that about TOWNies!

We hiked about 4.25 miles in just over two hours. The rocky terrain was challenging in some spots as were the inclines. But we started and finished with 13 hikers — so that’s a success! One of us opted to relax and enjoy the area rather than hike — and that’s perfect too!

We’ll repeat this hike in the fall, so think about joining us!