Hey TOWNies!

Seven of us met to hike River Place Nature Trail this morning – AnnaE, Jacque (with Sheba), LisaS (with Junko), NicoleF (with daughter Emma and dad Monroe), and Sallie (with Maggie.)  We were certainly a mixed bag of hikers today.

Anna hiked ahead to the kiosk on Big View and then hiked back for 6 miles.  Sallie and Maggie left us about half way through the Canyon Trail.  The remaining five of us hiked much of the Canyon Trail, but then turned around and hiked all of Little Fern Trail.  I think we hiked about 5 miles in 160 minutes.  Have to tell you Nicole’s dad Monroe (71) was out in front of us for much of our five miles.

Much of the water is cloudy and not flowing.  It’s was hot and humid today.

We’ll do this again and hike the entire trail.  Thanks to all of you for joining me to day.  Jacque