Having the Rowing Dock nearly inaccessible due to traffic from Blues on the Green turned out to be no barrier!

Our paddle, which usually ranges from 4-7 TOWNies and friends this week included 12!  We welcomed first-timers Nicole F. and daughter Emma C., Carol C’s friend and neighbor Barbara C., and Linda F’s friend Suzanne R., who kindly counted the cash while the Leader was distracted.  The regulars included Carol C., Anna E., Lois K., Diane N., Gail P-C, Maria V., Gloria W.

The weather was just fine, the group made a colorful line at the bottom of the cliffs that mark the route to Redbud Island.  They zipped around the island and headed toward Barton Springs before Emma and The Leader returned to the dock.

Not everyone wanted to meet for supper, maybe because of the challenge of the overland route to Jason’s in Westlake.  General dismay at the lack of adult beverages was alleviated by grainy soft-serve ice cream, and the varied menu works for most tastes. The conversation involving Diane, Gloria, Maria, Gail, Barbara, and Carol C. included the discussion of the mathematical challenges of quilting, with Anna E. showing us some amazing photos, and general discussion of the Texas Legislature and Carol C’s work in it this year.

Join us for our next paddle on June 28th.  LindaF