The Rowing Dock is now closing an hour earlier, and still, on the 11th,  six of us, JudyA., AnnaE., LindaF., PegG., Gai P-C and DebbieW took off from the dock, eager to not miss another outing on the water.  And on the dot of 6:30, we all turned around to head back. So for a short time, the slowest looked like the fastest . .  VERY unusual.

In that one hour we managed to gather most of the things that bring us such enjoyment on these trips;  beautiful and graceful birds (big egret and a blue heron), sights (the water was lovely and smooth, no breeze, we went toward Redbird Island with the cliffs and trees, views of downtown on the way back), and the relaxation of a slow paddle and time with friends.

There was nothing! slow about supper, though.  After an heroic trip from Round Rock, Maria met us at Shady Grove.  When we handed in our orders the chit-chat began.  Who would imagine tech maven Anna A would engage with Debbie W in deep discussion of quilting?  Maria mentioned where she was on her current development project, that she was going to Washington and Tennessee to visit similar places, and found Peg to be almost finishing her sentences, very knowledgeable. And of course, with Gail present, there was discussion about the Songwriters’ Festival which will be held in “downtown” Dripping Springs October 20th through the 22nd.   And the appearance of the Kerrville Folk Festival Winners at the Sycamore Creek Listening Room on November 4th.

A good time was had by all.

The last paddle of the season will be the 25th of October, so mark you calendars for either 5:30 at the Rowing Dock if you would like to paddle with us for an hour, or meet us at Shady Grove at 7:15.