TOWN – Austin Yahoo Group
This is a forum for TOWN members to discuss the best places to hike in Austin or plan a last minute kayak trip down the Guadalupe! You will receive messages from other group members discussing TOWN outings and events, equipment questions or problems, or general topics of outdoor interest.

To subscribe to our E-mail group, send a blank E-mail to and you will receive an E-mail confirmation.

Once you have subscribed, you may post a message to the group by sending an E-mail to Any group member who has a topic they would like to discuss is permitted to post to the group. We request the topics be of an outdoor nature relating to club activities.

To unsubscribe, send a blank E-mail to

Please remember:
The reply will go back to the person who originated the message. If you would like a reply to go to the entire group, you will need to change the address to

We also request
that you NOT put an automatic reply on your E-mail box if you go out of town. This generates an enormous amount of unnecessary mail. You might consider turning off Yahoo email while you are away. See the Yahoo help link below.

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